Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ashley and Profeta

Today I had the pleasure of photographing Ashley and Profeta. Ashley is a 15 y.o. from Northern RI and her horse, Profeta, is a 4 y.0. Paso Fino stallion whom she has owned for just a few months.

I thought Profeta was adorable as soon as I met him. My first pony, Dreamer, was a dapple grey Connemara and Profeta has his same colouring and the same bushy mane and tail to top it all off.

He was a well-behaved stallion, too. He stood quietly while Ashley got him ready, and he performed at liberty for us in a paddock while I snapped away. After he had gotten all of his kinks out, Ashley rode him in a large grassy paddock.

Here are the images:

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